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12 Feb 2013
February Updates
Not much has been happening since the last snowfall. However, snow hasn't been happening, either. So, with temperatures all the way up to 40F, a lot of the snow is finally disappearing.

Ash Wednesday services are tomorrow and the chapel here will run three services through the day in order to cover all our shifts.

Knowing that there's no way to take my wife out to Valentine's dinner through the mail, I bought up every Valentine's card at the PX and mailed them home, one per day.

Kate's put up with a lot from me, between two wars and four years of medical school. As the physician's assistant commented, "She's a keeper."

I'm glad she's mine.
Charlie's Assignment in Afghanistan
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17 Jan 2013
Games Will Have to Wait

January 16, 2013
Bagram, Afghanistan
Games Will Have to Wait
Charlie's Assignment in Afghanistan
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14 Nov 2012
Starting Blog - OEF 2012
So, the 345th Combat Support Hospital is now safely in Afghanistan as of Veterans' Day, 2012 - quel apropos, n'est ce pas?

But what am I saying? Dari is the language to be speaking by anyone who is anyone here.

The 345th CSH is a U.S. Army Reserve unit out of Jacksonville, Florida, tasked to support Operation Enduring Freedom, now rolling into its 12th year in Afghanistan. They have me - an Army psychologist - pulled into the mission from Texas and, like me, most of the clinical providers are from outside of Florida.

As you read this, please remember the soldiers and their families of the 345th CSH in your prayers. We put our families through quite a lot, but their support is vital to what we're able to do.

Speaking of family, many thanks to my brother Henry for re-opening this blog after it's been under Saran Wrap in the back of the 'fridge for six years!

Take care and God bless,

Charlie's Assignment in Afghanistan
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